In photography, the goal is often to capture reality and represent it accurately. However, blurry photography is considered only from the side of error, which can actually offer a unique visual and sensory experience, which allows the viewer to experience photography in a different way.

Blurred photography can be likened to a kind of visual poetry, where the details are left beyond the focus, while the image takes on an ethereal and suspended quality. This allows the viewer to imagine and interpret the image in a more creative and personal way, creating an emotional connection with the image itself.

Untitled - 2023 ©Borys Dolgopolsky
Untitled - 2023 ©Borys Dolgopolsky
Untitled - 2023 ©Borys Dolgopolsky

Blurred photography thus becomes a tool to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the viewer, who is called upon to fill in the voids that the out of focus leaves. In this way, blurry photography allows us to explore reality in a non-linear way, inviting us to contemplate and reflect on what the image represents. It can also be considered an artistic option that allows you to express emotions in a more profound and engaging way, since the blurred image allows you to suggest a feeling rather than describe it. The blur can represent the effect of time, motion, uncertainty, fog or memory, transforming the image into an emotional and psychological experience.

In this way, blurry photography becomes a way to explore and experience reality in a new way, challenging the belief that the image must always be sharp and precise to be considered valid. Blurring can be seen as a way to explore the ambiguous and uncertain nature of reality, inviting the viewer to actively participate in creating the meaning of the image.


Borys Kurachenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1997. He relocated to Padua in 2014 to pursue his studies. In 2018, he worked as a video editor in Paris, France, and the following year in Milan, he began creating videos for various companies. By 2020, he had begun working as both a video editor and motion designer. Currently, since 2022, he is employed at a production company where he handles post-production tasks for advertising on television.

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Borys Dolgopolsky