The Silences of Ostia


With a background in History and Conservation in Cultural Heritage, Mario has never stopped practicing what has been his great passion since childhood: photography. He lives in Rome and since 2015 he has been working on portraits, sporting events/shows and corporate.He participated in Wesual's Open call with "I silenzi di Ostia" (Silences of Ostia), a personal project realised during his master in photography at IED.

"The Roman coastline, also known as Lido di Ostia, is an ecosystem in constant transformation. In the height of the summer season, as in all large cities that are lucky enough to overlook the sea, it gets crowded. Connected in a fairly satisfactory manner to the center of the city, it is a bustle of umbrellas, deck chairs, inflatables and, of course, families. This great bustle, however, suddenly ceases when the days begin to get shorter and less sunny. Chaos is replaced by silence, attention to detail makes way for carelessness, and the transformation is complete. A place, full of life and chaos, becomes the scene of isolated, dreamlike vistas."

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