Nowness: In-Between Past and Future

"Nowness", ongoing project by ©Alessandro Galli

The perfect metaphor to introduce you to Nowness is what you see on the cover: "My personal box of stickers. I take them everywhere I go and keep them aside, but I never know where to stick them."

This is how the story of Nowness begins, a visual research project by Alessandro Galli, photographer and Post Production Lead at Wesual. Alessandro's visual research, which is halfway between real documentation and intimate reportage, is an investigation into workspaces, margins, relationships, and crossing places that find their condition in the noun that gives the project its title: Nowness, or the quality or condition that is defined by its occurrence in the present moment.

"Nowness" on-going project by ©Alessandro Galli

As if to freeze this condition, Alessandro's photography proceeds by accumulating "experiences, moments, and sensations" documented "like a catalog". In the search for order in all things, the cataloging operation of Nowness reveals the essence of photography: its being inherently taxonomic and systematic. The result is a single snapshot as long as a gap: the present is in the middle between a lasting past and an unspeakable future, as if to underline the idea that the present is the history.

And, as Alessandro concludes, the future (i.e. the past) will tell us: "We will see each other in a few years to understand what has changed."

"Nowness", Ongoing project by ©Alessandro Galli

Alessandro Galli was born in 1998 near Milan, in Busto Arsizio. He received a classical education and followed the school path without a clear sense of direction. While pursuing his studies, he began taking photographs with cameras inherited from various relatives as a hobby. After completing high school, Alessandro pursued a path at I.E.D. Milan, which led him to obtain a degree in Visual Arts applied to photography. Visual research, documentation of reality, and how the human figure experiences and interprets it are the main points of interest in Alessandro's photographic work.

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