Last Year. One Day at a Time


"Last Year. One day at a time" is a visual storytelling project that started in 2019 and continued until 2020, as a sort of personal diary. It is a material project in which I also included different writings, words, and poems because I wanted to create something that fully represented me, that talked about me, and that was as complete as possible.

Like all of us, in 2020 I experienced the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that led us to see things from a different point of view. When I was at home, I reflected so much, and I devoted my time just to myself. On one hand, I rediscovered some passions such as reading, writing, sewing, drawing, painting, etc. I had time to look at some old photographs, rummage through my memories, be quiet, and listen to myself. On the other hand, it was a very difficult period for me because I was not living a very simple moment of my life.

From Last Year. One Day at a Time Series ©Camilla Calato
From Last Year. One Day at a Time Series ©Camilla Calato
From Last Year. One Day at a Time Series ©Camilla Calato

Photography has always helped and saved me in these moments, and for this reason, I decided to keep a diary (that I made exclusively by myself, sewing it using just the materials I had at home) to describe, in the most "truthful" way, a moment in which we could not actually leave our houses, and to note my emotions and feelings. Although "Last Year. One day at a time" is not a project about the pandemic period, it is a visual story. I tried to tell a story through my photographs, letting myself be guided exclusively by sensations and emotions. I took note of the moments that captured my attention the most, looking for some evocative, imaginative, and emotional pictures.



Camilla was born in Sondrio in 1996 and raised in Lecco, Italy. After completing her studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (BA Painting, 110L/110), she pursued photography at the Professional School of Photography Mohole in Milan. In 2022, she attended the Dark Room course (I and II Level) with Luca Anzani in CFI, Naples. Her interest in combining photography and art stems from her desire to express herself more fully. Since 2015, she has produced documentary and storytelling projects across various media, focusing on evocative, imaginative, and emotional imagery. Drawing on her artistic background, Camilla uses her creativity and sensitivity to give her own touch to the images.

Camilla's childhood experience with a camera sparked her passion for photography. Although she has contemplated the philosophical reasons behind it, she believes photography brings her joy and provides a personal escape to seek out beauty in the world. It also allows her to communicate her thoughts and emotions, making it an integral part of her life amidst a fast-paced society.

Written by
Camilla Calato