Camilla Calato

Through the camera, she finds a world that is uniquely hers, where she can seek out beauty and communicate her emotions. Photography is an essential part of her life, offering a chance to pause and reflect in a fast-paced world that demands multitasking.


Camilla was born in Sondrio in 1996 and raised in Lecco, Italy. After completing her studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (BA Painting, 110L/110), she pursued photography at the Professional School of Photography Mohole in Milan. In 2022, she attended the Dark Room course (I and II Level) with Luca Anzani in CFI, Naples. Her interest in combining photography and art stems from her desire to express herself more fully. Since 2015, she has produced documentary and storytelling projects across various media, focusing on evocative, imaginative, and emotional imagery. Drawing on her artistic background, Camilla uses her creativity and sensitivity to give her own touch to the images.

Other People

Andrea Stillone
Andrea Stillone is a self-taught photographer, who by chance, but Fate is never accidental, approached the photography almost now an adult. From that moment on, a never neglected love has begun, which, even now, is marked by determination, perseverance and some times, by the curiosity typical of the childhood. The photography, in all its versions, became, very soon, a job, which, however, didn’t always allow him to follow, or better, to chase after his projects. Hence, he chose to continue with a kind of "parallel photography", which, even now, allows him to capture sunrises, to take part in photographic marathons or, even, to go into exotic markets to catch on camera their smells and sounds.
Borys Dolgopolsky
Borys Kurachenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1997. He relocated to Padua in 2014 to pursue his studies.
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