The Stripes

The curtain as access to a parallel world: where life stops for a few hours and everything else is forgotten, the show begins, the sacrifices are shown to us, the marquee becomes a sanctuary.Horse racing, lion tamers, jugglers and acrobats, almost as if they were a creature with a thousand faces capable of instilling magic and confusion, discipline and anarchy.

Approfondire l'estetica

Abbiamo chiesto a due talent di Setflow, di raccontarci del loro modo di vedere la fotografia, di come vivono il momento creativo a partire dalla ricerca per immagini e in dialogo con il cliente.


‍Everywhere is a project on places of love, wether real or imagined, the very locus to where we would like to ...

WAIA'MU: way of body

How to elaborate other possible ways of inhabiting the world through the production of fictions and non-fictions ...

The Silences of Ostia

"The Roman coastline, also known as Lido di Ostia, is an ecosystem in constant transformation. In the height of the summer season, as in all

Therefore you need not pity me too much (Ballads of a Ghost)

Therefore you need not pity me too much (Ballads of a ghost) The daily routines of a woman, an immigrant, and a mother.

Lockdown in Venice

"Lockdown in Venice" is a project by Andrea Gilardi, one of Wesual community photographers.

Identity & Transformation

The body. Intimate sensations and complexities that are generated within our ego.

Chinese Shadows

"We are born in the dark and growing up we are afraid of this form. I evolve and make it an integral part of my photos, the antagonist of ..